Private rooms

The only rooms with a double bed are:

– Basic Double Bed Private (Shared Bathroom) LU so NO WINDOWS

– Standard Double Bed Private (Ensuite)

– Standard Double Bed Private (Shared Bathroom)

– Deluxe Double Bed Private (Ensuite) – inner cabin so NO WINDOWS


The Standard Double Bed Private (Ensuite) rooms have a bunk bed with a double bed on the bottom and a single bed on the top. It is also equipped with air-conditioning, an electronic window and private bathroom.


Standard Double Bed Private (Shared Bathroom) is located on the 2nd floor and has a double bed. The room is equipped with air-conditioning and has windows.


The Standard Twin Private (Ensuite) rooms are located on the Ground Floor and have a bunk bed with two single beds.  These rooms are equipped with private bathroom,  air-conditioning but have no windows.


Basic Twin Private LU rooms are inner cabin rooms in the basement. These rooms are equipped with air-conditioning but have no windows.


Deluxe Double Bed Private (Ensuite) is located on the Ground Floor and has a double bed.  The room is equipped with private bathroom,  air-conditioning but have no windows.


The Deluxe 3 Bed Private (Ensuite) it’s suitable for 3 people. It has a private bathroom, it’s equipped with air-conditioning and has windows.



Deluxe 3 Bed Private (Ensuite) –  Omega 5





Double Bed Private – Ensuite (Margot Room) – Ground Floor – No windows




Standard Twin Private (Ensuite) – Ground Floor – No windows














Basic Twin Private (LU Rooms) – Basement Area – No windows