We have a various dorm types ranging from small 4 or 6 bed dorms to larger 8 and 16 bed dorm.

All dorm rooms are equipped with security lockers, although guests will be required to bring their own padlock. These can also be purchased at Reception for a small fee.

Although the 16 bed female and 16 bed mixed dorm sounds quite big, it doesn’t feel as big because there is a wall dividing the room in two with 8 beds on each side. Furthermore each bed has a partial divider for more privacy as well as a security locker and personal reading light.

The 16 bed female dorm also includes a kitchenette which is equipped with a kettle.


– Basic 4 Bed Mixed Dorm is a inner cabin room in the basement. This room is equipped with air-conditioning but has NO WINDOWS.


– Deluxe 4 Bed Mixed Dorm – ENSUITE  is equipped with private bathroom,  air-conditioning and HAS  WINDOWS.



Deluxe 4 Bed Mixed Dorm – Ensuite







8 Bed Mixed Dorm